De Nederlandse website over muien. The Dutch website about RIPS.

Swim advise fixed rips

Some advises before you are moving yourself into the sea;

  • Swim on guarded beaches only;
  • Check the flags:
    • Red: no swimming allowed;
    • Yellow: dangerous conditions.
  • If in doubt: ask the lifeguards.
  • Swim with more people at the same time and location;
  • If you notice you are in a rip current follow these instructions;
    • You have to switch over to survival mode, this means:
      • Safe your energy, do not swim against the current. Stay floating by using as less energy. If on top of a wave, give a wing. Lifeguards will spot you and they can help you within minutes.
      • Keep calm and control your breath.
    • If the water becomes less turbulent it is possible that you are out of the rip current.
    • In that case you can start swimming orderly to the beach. Do not swim to the spot where you entered the water. Go straight to the beach/sandbar.
    • If arrived on the sandbar, take your time and give yourself some rest. Look around and search for calm water in the trough. Thats the place to cross over to the beach.

If a rescue operation has started, report yourself to the lifeguard.